Calan Wealth Management

Calan Wealth Management is a boutique financial planning firm specialising in tailored financial planning solutions for its clients, ranging from wealth accumulators to retirees. It was founded by its Principal Planner, Calan Choke with more than 10 years experience in the financial planning industry. Calan Wealth Management has partnered with Charter Financial Planning Limited (Part of AMP Group), Australia’s largest Wealth Manager, in developing expert outcomes for its clients.

Our vision is to enable clients to achieve optimal financial freedom, guiding them through every step of life.

Calan Wealth Management believes in working together with every client, respecting every individual’s unique circumstances in developing an optimal outcome. We specialise in Investment Portolio advisory, Superannuation & Pension strategies and Personal Risk Insurance restructuring.

We believe it is vital to plan for the best, and plan for the unpredictable. In every stage in life, we at Calan Wealth Management will endeavour to work with you through every step as your trusted financial partner.

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